Workshop Consultation Services

Workshop Consultation Services

When receiving Workshop Consultation services, Redwood will provide a consultant who will conduct workshops at 1-3 month intervals with you, your child, and your team of instructors. Follow-up workshops are scheduled for approximately 3-6 hours in length. In the follow-up workshop consultation meetings, the consultant will:

Ø review the effectiveness of all procedures implemented to address behavioral concerns and modify recommendations as necessary;

Ø provide on-going training in Redwood’s methodology and instructional procedures;

Ø supervise the team of instructors who work directly with your child during the workshop consultation meeting and provide feedback on their instruction;

Ø re-evaluate your child’s programming by trouble-shooting problem areas, and expanding, adding, and/or dropping specific programs;

Ø provide strategies to promote generalization of mastered concepts, improve spontaneous language, and address behavior concerns during non-instructional hours.

Parents are informed about all aspects of instruction, and approve all procedures implemented. In between workshop consultation meetings, program questions or instructor concerns are addressed through telephone, email, and videotape consultations as needed.

Workshop services are available to families in all geographic locations in the United States.

Please contact Redwood for information regarding fees.